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29.10.2010 um 13:56:08
Super,  was sich die NIGERIA - Connection noch alles einfallen läßt, um naive AuPairs abzuzocken.   Zwinkernd
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Frederick MOORE
(bekannter Filmemacher)
Die aktuelle Masche:
Traumhaftes Angebot mit Riesenbezahlung und natürlich Travelagent oder jetzt

Hier die Details:

UK Home Office. Ref (Expatriate Relocation Package)
Attn: AUPAIR  xxxxxxxxxxxxx
We would like to acknowledge confirmation of your Proof For Sufficient Funds. Please
note that your employer Mr Fredrick Moore has informed us to take your application as priority, hence we
shall ensure that your receive appropriate Documents, Interview Reference and
Prepaid Flight Tickets (other travel and entry papers inclusive on endorsement. Hence
it is necessary you do not tamper with the Deposit till final approval.

Your Employer, Mr Fredrick Moore has fulfilled Eligibility requirements as
instructed by the UK Home Office and we would like to acknowledge receipt of your 3
Months Salary which shall be sent to you prior to your departure for the United
. The total amount, benefits inclusive is Seven thousand Five Hundred Great
British Pounds (?7,500)  Laut lachend  Laut lachend

In line with the requirements of the UK Home Office and other relevant United
Kingdom Government Agencies, and for speedy approval and endorsement of entry
requirements by the aforementioned authorities, you are to open an account that would
be domiciled here in the United Kingdom wherein we shall remit your 3 months Salary
(?7,500) which is currently in our possession and in a floating account.

Our Office would open an account on your behalf that is domiciled here in the United
Kingdom. Your salary shall also be remitted into the account to enable you withdraw
from your current location in Uzbekistan(If you wish) as your account that would be
opened shall be routed to any account in Uzbekistan which you shall specify to us.
Sara Crossely is the Official Accountant of the UK Home Office and has been
designated to undertake the process of securing your account here in United Kingdom.
Your account shall be opened with a reputable bank here in the United Kingdom and
within the vicinity of your place of residence and location of your Employer, Mr Fredrick Moore
in, London.

A Minimum Opening account Balance of one Thousand  Great British Pounds (?1,000)
is required to process the creation of your Bank Account.
  Laut lachend  Laut lachend On successful creation of your
bank account, your salary (?7,500) shall be deposited into your bank account to reflect
a total balance of Ten Thousand Great British Pounds (?9,000). You
are also requested, while sending Minimum Opening Balance to send us Bank Details
and account where you would like your UK Bank Account to be routed to so that you
can withdraw from your current location (Uzbekistan) however you can also, at your
discretion withdraw when you arrive. Your Banking Effects and other documents shall
be couriered alongside your travel papers and this process can be completed within
24hrs of receipt of your Minimum Opening Balance, however this is dependent on your
speedy response.
The following requirement is expected from you the immigrant
1.An address reachable by courier
2.Payment for work permit seal (?500)
3.A minimum opening account balance (?1000)
   Laut lachend

The total amount to be paid by you (?1500)

Visit a Western Union Money Transfer agent and inform them of your decision to make
a Western Union Money Transfer, proceed to transfer your Minimum Opening Balance
of ?1,000,and work permit seal?500 In your name to  our Honorable office using the following steps:

Name of Sender:Name of your relative(who should be your primary sponsor)
Name of Receiver:Ishankulov Sherzod Ibragimovich
Payout Location  United Kingdom.

Proceed to scan and send the receipt of transfer and 10 Digit MTCN to enable us fulfill
your requirements and also transfer your three months salary as stipulated above
You are requested to send us the following information as soon as possible viz:

·  Scanned Copy of Western Union Money Transfer Receipt
·  Date for departure
·  Confirmation of your Courier Address
·  Bank Account where you would like your new UK Bank Account to be routed to.

All Entry Approval Documents, Prepaid Tickets, Bank Account Supporting documents
would be couriered to the address you would provide via 1-day air hence ensure that
courier address is correct. We hope to receive your speedy response soonest as your
employer has informed that you are to arrive the United Kingdom soon.

 Yours Sincerely
 Barr Harrison Williams
 Home Office , UK Border Agency,
 PO Box 3468 ,
 Sheffield, S3 8WA


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