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Ist die Familie echt? (Gelesen: 4307 mal)

Ist die Familie echt?
15.06.2012 um 13:16:47
Hallo! Habe E-mail von eine Familie aus UK bekommen.  Ist das normal so viel Geld als Au-pair bekommen? Ist die Familie echt? Bitte um Hilfe.

Hello dear

I have received your application and we are glad that you could write us back.

You are required to work on weekdays that is (Monday-Friday) not
including Saturday and Sunday which you will use for your leisure and

You will be paid an allowance of 700GBP monthly and 200GBP every
second week of every month for your pocket money and your work hour
will be 30hrs per week.

You are required  to take of our son as your own brother,you will also
be in position to take him to school,bring him back and also be with
him till we are back from work and we want you here as soon as possible
or during the summer period and we live at the center of the city

You are required to live in with us because we have a comfortable room
with internet connections,television etc.. but if you want to live out
there is no problem with it.

We will assist you in processing your traveling document that is your
work permit and your flight ticket and i have also filled an
application to the UK Home Office for the approved contract letter
which contains more work details about our job offer,i will be sending
it to you once i receive the approved contract letter for you to sign
hence wait for more instructions and travel guidance so that we don't
make mistake.

Attached is the picture our family and you can contact me with this number

Hope our email finds you in good health.

Kind Regards

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Re: Ist die Familie echt?
Antwort #1 - 29.06.2012 um 13:40:56

Wenn man so mir-nicht-dir-nichts derartige Emails erhält sollte man wohl immer stutzig werden. Lieber ignorieren - warum sollte das diese "nette Familie" einem denn so aufs Auge drücken? Ich sehe da Spam dahinter.
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