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BETRUG mit angeblichen Vertrag (Gelesen: 3570 mal)

BETRUG mit angeblichen Vertrag
19.10.2012 um 19:53:46
Hier ein typischer Vertrag, wie ihn eine  "englische Familie" schickt:



Name(s) of employer(s): Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Maurice

Address: Shell Limited
Residential Staff Quarters, 
Block 26, York Road,

Name of nanny: xxx

Having evaluated your submitted application, your services were found eligible for the requirements of the MAURICE FAMILY. You are hereby this Contract Letter, Employed to serve as a Nanny for a period of renewable one year. Details of contract are included here below.

Number of children: 3

Names of children: David, Cynthia, Derek

Start date: OPEN

Place: London England,
Compensation and Benefits: 
Pay: 2,500 pounds per month to be paid (every 30th day of the month.) And 500 pounds Weekly either by cash or by Check or transferred to a Local or Foreign Account designated by you. 

Health insurance:
Employer pays for the nanny's health insurance, provided by (MEDICOM HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY, ENGLAND). Paid vacation: 4 week(s) per year. Nanny will give employer 1-week notice of any upcoming vacations. Nanny shall be given bonus vacation pay of 750 POUNDS.

Residence shall be in Company Housing, with Private Bed Room, Sitting Room and Sit Out. Fixed Land Line, Internet Ready Computer and Vehicle for Mobility would be provided. Extras: (Gym membership, eye exam fee, dental cleanings, medical care.)

Nanny will work 35 hours a week. Nanny shall have Saturdays and Sundays Off. Nanny’s work hours are between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. from (Monday - Friday) Days off: (Saturday and Sunday)

1. Care for & stimulate the child both mentally & physically, to ensure their intellectual, physical & social development. 

2. Find out about activities in the local area. Ensure that the child/children get regular fresh air & exercise. 

3. Plan & undertake activities on a one to one basis & with children. Develop speech, reading, numbers, letters, and colors, social & practical

4. Organize & prepare a healthy, varied & well balanced diet of home cooked food. Eat with the child/children & supervise meal times, encouraging proper use of cutlery, & behavior. 

5. Look after child's/children's physical well being - wash & bath them daily, help them to dress & undress, cut nails weekly, ensure hair is cut regularly, & that shoes get refitted regularly.

6. Look after all the child's/children's clothes. This includes all washing; ironing by the weekend, shoes regularly cleaned, clothes & soft toys mended; Put aside clothes that no longer fit. 

7. Keep child's/children's room clean & tidy. 

Reviews, Raises, and Grievance Procedures:
The employer agrees to review the nanny every 6 months. If nanny has a grievance, she can (list appropriate measure here). Changes and Amendments: In the event of the birth of another child, nanny and employer must discuss first if nanny wishes to continue employment, or if she will receive more money per week for the care of the new baby, and how much) Contract can be changed or amended if both parties agree: yes__/no Notice of Termination: The nanny must give 2 weeks notice of termination in writing. The employer must give nanny 4 weeks notice if her/his services will no longer be required. Should the employer terminate the agreement, employer agrees to pay all wages up to and including nanny's last day of work.

Should you accept this Job Offer, please do well to sign and date where appropriate. Scan and E-mail to stnly_maurice@yahoo.co.uk to signify full acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein. 

Proceed to Contact the Designated/Recommended Immigration Agency to furnish you with details regarding your travel to UK. They would also arrange airport pick up from the airport to our Home wherein is your Duty Location. Contact Details are included herewith via: The fees paid in procuring your Affidavit Of Guarantee from the British Crown Court will be reimbursed back to you as soon as you start work with us as our nanny.

Plot, 10 Ruben Avenue, GH5467 
London. United Kingdom
E-mail: globalt@london.com 
Phone: +44 7024038297.

Please note that we would be paying for your Flight Ticket, Residence work permit and also File a Visa Application on your behalf  Grinsend while you pay for your Affidavit Of Guarantee document.

Signatures: I accept Job Offer: Nanny… … ..………………………..Date………………………………………………………….I decline Job Offer Nanny……………………………………………Date…………………………………………

Hier wird nur nach Cashgefragt für ein dubioses Reisebüro. Natürlich werden nie irgendwelche AuPair Jobs angeboten.   Ärgerlich
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