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Masche Yinka Juliet BUKOLA aus Nigeria (Gelesen: 2352 mal)

Masche Yinka Juliet BUKOLA aus Nigeria
19.10.2012 um 20:08:16

Masche Yinka Juliet BUKOLA aus Nigeria
27.09.2011 um 19:38:47 Zitieren Ändern Löschen
Hier wieder ein typisches Beispiel, wie Gastfamilien abgezockt werden sollen  Traurig

1.) Brief AP  --> Gastfamilie
Good evening aunt Jutta, I am not in a good mood Traurig, right now I dont know what to think, first, I came here to tell you what happened and why I wasnt able to come online last night but now I got another saddening message from you. After I left the cafe yesterday I met people at my house telling me to rush down to the hospital because my mom had an accident on a motocycle and when I got there she was in a critical condition, was at the ICU Traurig I was just crying because all that was ringing in my head was that she was gonna die  weinend   Traurig I have been there all night and this morning I came home to get some stuffs and tell some of our family member about the incidence. Aunt I dont know what you are talking about on easyaupair, I had deactivated my account since a week or more now, and I just tried to log on now to see if its still active but its not, so I dont know how you could still see me active on there? Please can you tell me about it? I am worried as well!
And I also got a message from aunt josephine that her number is no more functioning and she gave me another, i will forward her message to you, and if you have a friend in Ireland, I wouldnt mind if he/she can go to aunt josephine to meet her, but I would want you to ask her first or what do you think? Please send me a message and I will try all my best to come and check later in the day to know whats going on. And all what happened didnt give me the zeal to scan my passport and reply the agency but i will do that once I am able to. 
Hope the kids are doing great, am trying to sound happy in this message so that you wont feel so worried about me, but the truth is am not really happy with all what is happening now, but its okay i pray my mom gets better soon.  weinend
I have to go now, hope to read back from you and I will also forward aunt josephine's reply so that you can have her new number

2.)  weitere Infos für Gastfamilie
Dear Aunt Jutta,
It is my pleasure to send this e-mail to you,that is why have taken my time to type as much as I can. I am not based in the Ireland, am in Ireland for placement with a South American Family, since September 7th but am leaving for Nigeria (My Country) tomorrow, its been fun thou Smiley they wish I could stay longer but my visa is due. I can get my visa fast as I am enrolled with an au pair company in Nigeria  Grinsend  Grinsend , I really love taking care of another family's children, because I see much pleasure adding to the beauty and happiness of a family, especially from another origin or race.I love children so much and this has given me the passion for the au pair job, i am not so keen about the money, any amount is okay by me, am not seeing this au pair thing as job per se, I see it as being part of the family,and as long as I do take good care of my real family, so would I take good care of your kids and households, all I seek is happiness and hospitality. I have great passion for pets and my favorite is Dog. I had Boney but she died with her two puppies few weeks ago in a car accident with my neighbor  weinend  weinend  (in Nigeria), thou the neighbor survived, its a saddening news when I received the message from home because I loved them so much, they were my best half and now I found it so difficult to forget them. I love cats too and I can ride horses.
About me
I am from a family of two, me and my younger sister. I have a single parent, my dad passed away when I was 13 years.  weinend I am a university graduate where I studied Childhood Education. I have been an au pair for the past 5 years now but have childcare experience more than 5 years, I started by being a nanny at a daycare after I finished my secondary school. I have always had zeal in taking care of children because I have much pleasure in them because of their naughty behaviors, most times you will want to go miles with them and making them happy makes me feel fulfilled. I am a simple and fun loving girl, I really love knowing new people and knowing places. I live on my own now in Nigeria, I rent an apartment and I sell cookies for student in a high school close to me to pay my bills and rents and to have some penny to live on  weinend (whenever am not having placement with family). My sister, helen,lives with my mom, which is like 4km far from me.I use to visit most time.
My Hobbies
I really love cooking, in fact this is my favorite hobby. I love playing with pets, love decorating, I love and I do write poems, I love shopping and gardening, I love swimming and love going to beach.
My Au pair Job
I have been part of different families both locally and internationally.I am with Wood family here in Ireland, taking care of their baby. In my previous placements, I have helped looking after 8 months old baby girl and a 4 year old boy in Canada, also part of Angelio Agahli's family in Cameroon where I stayed 6 months I looked after a granny and 3 kids, ages 4 7 and 9  Zwinkernd. I really want to move round the globe to meet different families and add to their happiness and joy. Because I believe taking care of another family's children is just as if someone is adding to the happiness of the family. Zwinkernd I have always enjoyed all my stay with the families have been working with,I have never regretted being an au pair, and this has kept me going in the job. I really wish to be part of your family. I have a yahoo messenger's account, my ID is followme_yinka, if you want me to chat with you to communicate better, you can download a light version of yahoo messenger on www.oldversion.com, if you dont have one. Hope to read back from you
Regards to the entire family

3.)  Dann die Kosten !!  Cool

Au pairs from non-EU countries need a visa to work in Germany and also may not be older than 24. In order for a national from a non-EU country to get a visa, the host family sends the following below:
*Invitation Letter (This will show that you have already gotten a placement offer from the family)
*Means of Identification (International Passport/I.D) of either of the Parents (Husband/Wife)    Cool
The above documents will be scanned (in Pdf or JPEG format) and sent to our email. Below are the list of documents needed from you (Au Pair)
*International Passport
*Police Check
*Medical Clearance/Health Certificate
* Birth Certificate (all these documents should be submitted to our head office or any Au Pair counselling center close to you)
These documents will be forwarded to the Immigration Office for verification, confirmation and endorsement which takes 5 working days. All the documents will be attached to your Au pair's Application Form, then, it will be sent to the Consular Embassy and this takes 3-4 Weeks.
* Visa Procesing & Consultancy Fee:   NGN 57,000.00
* Medical Insurance:                         NGN 23,500.00
* Flight Ticket:                                 NGN 72,000.00 (from Muritala International Airport, Nigeria to Frankfurt International Airport, Germany)
* Total Pay:                                      NGN 152,500.00
*Means of Payment:   Bank Wire Transfer

4. Dann die Umrechnung in Dollar:

Centre Gold Au Pair Travels Limited (Nigeria) has received an e-mail from Jutta on behalf of Yinka whose Reference Number is U472986, with the e-mail address, the message contains information that is confidential, PLEASE if you are receiving this message and you are not the recipient DELETE IMMEDIATELY!
Reply: Below is the statement of order and bank account details for international wire transfer, ** please note** this is our temporary account, due to the delay we are experiencing in our bank as they are trying to complete their IP upgrade, payment should be made in dollars as this is a dollar account, we have made the convertion of total pay into dollars as seen below. You should send to us a copy of transfer receipt/teller after making this payment, once we get the receipt/teller, we would start the processing while waiting for the payment to be credited into our account.
STATEMENT of order: 33425-42839
Order status:      Pending
Date:      20011/09/16
Customer id:      33425-42839             
Value in currency of payment:
536.00      USD      
Transaction fees:
00.00      USD       
Customer's method of payment fee:
0.00      USD      Bank wire in US DOLLARS
Exchanger's method of payment fee:
0.00      USD       
Au Pair Reference #:  U472986
Au Pair Name: Bukola Yinka

Bank:                                                                            Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
Bank Address:                                                                Ikeja, 23401, Lagos State, Nigeria
BIC/SWIFT:                                                                    GTBINGLA
Account Number:                                                           36129295

Natürlich ist alles erlogen und dient nur dazu, ein Vertrauensverhältnis mit der Gastfamilie aufzubauen. Ganz nebenbei werden dann die Kosten erwähnt und das Visa geht natürlich schneller, wenn man 50 Dollar zusätzlich zahlt.  Grinsend

Hier nun der gefälschte Pass und der Gastmutter wurde klar, dass es sich hier um Abzocke handelt !
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