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Conroy Bryant (Australien oder England ) Masche (Gelesen: 16617 mal)

Conroy Bryant (Australien oder England ) Masche
24.10.2012 um 09:22:37
Eigentlich sah es zunächst ganz normal aus:  Zwinkernd
Gastvater meldet sich an mit Wohnsitz Australien und derzeit in England.  Senior - AuPair nimmt Kontakt auf und erhält Antwort:

I hope you are doing great? Thank you for your mail which shows your
seriousness in my job offer. The content of your mail has been noted.
I assure you my offer is for real. I work with a construction company
here in UK, I am a soccer fan, I love Arsenal so much. I also love
watching Barcelona and Real Madrid. My son love reading novel and he
likes Games and visiting friends i hope you can play with him. i am
very busy person and my hardly allow me time for my son this is why I
need your assistance as an aupair in my family we live here in London.

After read your profile I came to a conclusion in anticipation that am
impressed with your qualification that is why i have agreed that you are the one that
suites our requirements. and i need your assistance in our family for
the due care of my son Terry his all i have got and it took us 10
years of marriage to have him here due my wife is late now but she
still lives in me she a lovely woman sorry I don’t want to remember
her death. I am willing to do anything for my son’s happiness that why
am paying you
1200 great british pounds as your monthly salary and
100 pounds for your weekly
Kuss up keeps
so you will take Terry as your own
  weinend  weinend.

Spätestens hier gehen alle Alarmglocken an!  Keiner zahlt einer AuPair dieses Taschengeld !

I shall provide you with a Live-In Accommodation with Private
Bathroom and Bedroom. Your room will also be furnished with a
Television Set, an Internet Ready Computer System and a Fixed Landline
Kuss I ask that all rooms be kept tidy and that friends staying
over should only do so with my permission. Please I will like you to
answer the question below:

♦What are your strengths in working with children?
♦What do you like best about your job? What do you like least?
♦What kinds of activities would you plan for children?
♦What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing with children?
♦Describe for me a typical day with children.
♦What are your views on television?
♦How do you encourage fitness?
♦What would you do if you had concerns about my child’s development or
♦What is your philosophy on guidance and discipline?
♦How do you help children feel good about themselves and others?

I have been making inquiries on steps to take in your employment into
my family I will be sending you a
copy of an approved contract letter
of offer with instructions tomorrow where you will see all the terms
and conditions of the job offer then sign if it’s ok by you. Hope my
communication with you will be a fruitful one as I look forward to
have you here as part of my family attached here is our pictures
please find time for the video chat through yahoo messenger here’s my
ID bryantconray@yahoo.com hope to meet you on yahoo messenger and
don't forget to send your recent pictures and updated resume.

Best Regards
Mr. Conray Bryant.
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Re: Conroy Bryant (Australien oder England ) Masch
Antwort #1 - 24.10.2012 um 09:32:24
Hello Dear,

Having thought of your employment into my family I have accepted to
employ you after your school on September and decided that you match
my requirements in the search of aupair and I hereby send you this
approved copy of a contract letter of this offer for your review and
signing showing that you have accepted the terms and conditions of my
job offer.

[b]On the receipts of this letter you are expected to sign and send the
letter to barrister Catherine Toycs who is in charge of your
application in the UK HOME OFFICE through her email address
barristercatherinetoycs_ukba@london.com  Cool and adhere to his instruction for
the success of your application.   Cool  Cool

Von hier kommt dann die Kostenrechnung der angeblichen Kanzelei für den Vertrag !!
  Cool  Cool

Hope this gets to you in good health please note that i will be online
tonight by 8pm London time for the video chat hope to meet you there my ID
bryantconray@yahoo.com i don't have msn you have to open yahoo account
for the chat through yahoo messenger

Best Wishes
Mr. Conray Bryant.
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